To be “Saved” – A term used by the Christian community meaning to be delivered from sin by accepting Jesus Christ as your savior. (John 10:7-9)

 To be “Woke” – A term used by the Black community meaning to be made aware of what’s going on and to no longer be naive to the real issues taking place around you (i.e. “I just watched “13th” and my mind is blown! I had no idea!” <- congratulations, you’ve been Woke.)

Both of these terms are verbs that require consequent actions. Once you’re saved, you’re expected to make some life changes, share the gospel and start living for God. Woke on the other hand, forces you to see the world through a new lens. Once you’re woke, you must challenge societal norms, reevaluate everything you were taught and enlighten others around you. For those who’ve been sheltered, reaching this phase of awareness is like choosing the red pill. You signed up to know the truth, but now you see the entire world differently and it’s not as stunning and happy as we were once led to believe.

Now, to be Saved & Woke – that’s an entirely different conundrum. 

Being saved often results in seeing God in everything. Being woke, however, means you question . . .everything, because what you learned is that nothing is as it seems. To be Saved & Woke is to approach everything from religion to politics with a healthy skepticism and acceptance that sometimes what we’ve been taught isn’t right. That’s a tough seat to sit in when you live in a country that insists that patriotism and Christianity must go hand-in-hand, even when it goes against the fundamental tenants of the nation’s foundation.

When you’re woke, however, you view all of that in a completely different light. Not just from a historical and factual standpoint, but from a Biblical one, too.  The result: I don’t take what a pastor says in the pulpit at face value. I’m that person that writes down the scriptural references and researches it for myself. I’m the one who pulls out a lexicon to make sure I get the full meaning of what God is saying, not just what we’re taught to believe. And no, I’m not a Republican because I’m not convinced that that party is working in the interests of God; just as I’m not a Democrat because I’m Black.

I’m an independent, free thinker and encourage those around me to be the same. See, once you’re woke, much like being saved, you feel the need to evangelize and educate everyone around you. You want everyone to open their eyes to the realities of how we’ve been manipulated through systematic classism, racism and the exploitation of religion for political gain.

That’s why I created Saved & Woke.

The passion to inform has always run through my veins. I even worked as a journalist for about 7 years, in hopes of informing the masses. There’s a lot of misinformation in this culture of “fake news” and within the Christian community, too. The more I researched the Word, the more I realized that many actions of Christian America wasn’t adding up to what I was reading. The more I saw black men being gunned down in the streets and church leaders turning their heads to it or watching Christians herald the dissolution of policies that help the poor and disenfranchised, I realize that there were other factors at play that had nothing to do with God and everything to do with what we’re all raised to believe is right or wrong.

So I’m going to ask the hard questions. I’m going to dig in and provide scriptural references and credible facts. I’m going to address these things, straight no chaser. And I encourage you to join into the discussion. This is about educating one another, shedding light on some uncomfortable topics and encouraging Christians to fight for real injustices in this country and to stop hiding behind some not-so-true narratives that have been pushed by some not-so-credible news outlets.

I won’t sugar coat, because that’s not my style, but I hope you see the good in my voice and consider having a dialogue. I welcome it here.

Whether you’re Saved, or Woke, or both, this is a space to get real and get honest.

I invite you to join me.