Dear…White Privilege Denier

Dear White Privilege Denier,

Do me a favor?

Please close your eyes.

Got it?


Now imagine…wait…this is an article, you can’t read it with your eyes closed. So…open them…please.



Now imagine a girl. A 13-year-old girl who is in a lot of trouble. She cusses out her mother, fistfights her mother and her peers, she smokes, she hangs out with a bad crowd, steals cars and speaks inarticulately claiming to be “street”. She’s seemingly on a fast track to a hard life of crime or worse.

Got it?

You’re in luck, though! You don’t have to. She IS white!

You’ve met Danielle Bregoli right? Or better know as the “Cash me ousside, howbow dah” girl.

This girl is out of control. Danielle was thrust into the national spotlight when she appeared on “Dr. Phil”. Viewers were astonished by Danielle’s attitude, anger and extremely confused by her manner of speech. When the audience negatively reacted to her, Danielle clapped back, telling the crowd to catch her outside, “how about that?” Unfortunately, her “street” talk made her response virtually indistinct. So much so, Dr. Phil asked her to repeat it.

This moment became the most unforgettable moment on the show. Over the course of the next few days, the clip spawned countless views, memes, gifs and a few musical remixes. Even worse, Danielle has gained over 8 million followers on Instagram and that has turned into endorsements that could reportedly garner her close to ONE MILLION dollars by the year’s end.

People seem to be fascinated with this girl and her exploits. And aside from her bad behavior being rewarded (especially monetarily) is that Danielle is being afforded something black girls her age and with her behavioral issues don’t normally get. She hasn’t been called out for being ratchet or ghetto. She hasn’t been lectured by choosy conservatives who use her as an example of how her race is collapsing. Buzzfeed even did an article saying that she “defies expectations set for white girls”. Really?! No, let’s call it what it is.

It’s white privilege.

Only a white girl can get away with this foolish behavior and be called a hero. Black girls regularly get shamed on the internet for the exact same behavior. And not just by angry whites, but by disappointed blacks who want to assure the general public that not all black girls act like this. Whites haven’t had to do that. That is the definition of white privilege. Just ask Neil Degrasse Tyson.


So if you are someone who doesn’t think White Privilege is real, I just gave you a prime example. The difference in treatment is striking but completely normal. I’m sure we’ll talk about this again. I have more examples, one of which actually reaches our highest office.

So sit tight. Don’t feel like it? Well…CASH ME OU—no I can’t do this.

I will NOT. Nope.

Your Obedient Servant,


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