Dear . . . Forgetful Liberals (and every other new Megyn Kelly normalizer)

Dear….Forgetful Liberals,

Soooo . . . Megyn Kelly is kind of a big deal to y’all now. I get it. She was on the cover of Vanity Fair, Dr. Phil gave her an “exclusive” hour-long interview and NBC is giving her a show…of some kind. So she’s okay now right? I mean Dr. Phil gave her an hour…Dr. Motherfreaking Phil. Again, I get it. She went toe to toe with President whats-his-face. She called him out. AND she did it on the nation’s #1 most unbiased, legitimate news channel. She’s even a registered independent. All of those things make her awesome right?

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How soon you forget Megyn Kelly has a long and loving relationship with “alternative facts”. Oh…and racism. Remember that time when the Department of Justice released those horribly racist e-mails sent between officers (including superiors) calling naked dancing African women Michelle Obama’s former classmates and saying that the former President will lose his job because black people “can’t hold down a job”? Ms. Kelly proclaimed that this was normal conversation shared in many work environments.


She also blamed Sandra Bland for her death and she said Michelle Obama was playing the victim for speaking her mind about the horrors of racism (institutional, systemic, etc.). Oh yea, she also, with extremely awkward defensiveness, proclaimed Santa is white. Does she have first-hand knowledge? Did she meet him?


But what am I saying, racism has never been a deal breaker to mainstream America. But if that didn’t get your blood boiling, your heart racing, your gears grinding, then maybe this will…

She dissed . . BEYONCE!

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Ms. Kelly had the unmitigated gall to call Beyonce’s lyrics “skanky” and questioned her legitimacy and qualifications as a feminist. This is the Queen! A woman with a long history (longer than Ms. Kelly’s) of addressing women’s issues and advocating women’s rights. How dare she?! THIS WOMAN MUST BE STOPPED!

So next time you see Ms. Kelly on your TV or on the front of your favorite magazine that can’t wait to put the pretty, blonde, white girl prototype on the cover, remember that for 13 years this woman was a prominent figure on a network that is easily the most corrupt, most racist, fear mongering, agenda pushing, truth neglecting, Islamophobic, homophobic, xenophobic, arachnophobia “news source” ever created. Then ask yourself: is she really…okay now?

Your Obedient Servant,




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