Working For the Liberal, Lying Media

A good friend of mine told me I shouldn’t willingly listen to the liberal, lying media. His news source was only Fox News. Mind you, this dude only watches Fox News, but I’ll save that for another post.

Curious, I asked, “is that only national media or local media, too?”

“Just about all of it,” he said proudly.

“So those reporters are all a part of this evil machine,” I asked.

“They all lie and none of them can be trusted.”

Befuddled, I ask: “Do you think I’m a liar?”

“Wait, what?”

I continued, “I was a journalist for several publications that were owned by major news organizations like The New York Times for nearly seven years. I covered everything from hard news to entertainment. Do you think I was a lying liberal out to give you bad information for your detriment then?”

He replies,”Well… you were different.”

“So,” I ask, “If I told you that I attended countless newsroom meetings that didn’t include the evil plotting and planning to destroy America that you’ve been told about, would you believe me? After all, I know firsthand. You don’t. And you KNOW me and trust me. Would you consider what I’d have to say then?”

He paused for a moment, before shaking his head:  “Probably not.”


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